Monday, 14 January 2013

Another Belated Christmas Post

In the past, my mom, dad, & brother have usually been the ones to contribute to Christmas dinner.  Well, not this year, folks.  In my quest to learn to cook more and healthier*, I decided to contribute my breads - I made the olive & rosemary again, as well as the lemon cranberry almond one (recipe over at Simply So Good) - and what very well may be God's beverage, mulled wine.  Seriously guys, mulled wine is amazing.  In university I took a semester abroad in Poland, and it was like THE go-to drink at all those delightful Eastern European Christmas markets that I remember so fondly and at which I wasted spent way too much money.

*Mulled wine is not that healthy. There was A LOT of sugar that went into this.  My dad is a health nut and my brother and I decided to keep the sugar content between ourselves.

There were only about a million recipes online, but I decided to go with this one over at Kitchen Confidante.  It did not disappoint.
Sorry for picture quality, this was taken with my iPhone.
It suggests using a Pinot Noir or Cabernet, but knowing nothing about wine, I went to the local LCBO to ask what would be a good choice for mulled wine.  People there didn't really know what mulled wine was.  I felt kind of dumb but then I just pitied them because I would be enjoying this awesome beverage on Christmas and they would not. I ended up going with this bad boy:
Thanks for the image, Wine Alliance Blog!
My family loved it.  Even my mom, who has a lot of stomach problems and usually avoids wine, had it and said the troubles she suffered were totally worth it.

VERDICT: Success. Except that my dad's wooden spoon will be forever stained.

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